Contract SMAs

Bioventix will take your immunogen or assist with the design of an appropriate immunogen for immunisation into sheep. Test bleeds are taken and ELISAs performed to confirm the response of the sheep to the immunogen(s).

View the SMA generation process

Multiple hybridoma fusions are performed yielding cell culture supernatants that can be assayed for their reactivity by additional ELISA screens set up together with the customer. A choice then can be made of clones worthy of further cloning and scale-up to yield quantities of purified SMAs for evaluation back at the customers laboratory.

View the SMA creation timeline

The process operates in a stepwise structure with customer authorisations to proceed to the next step at each milestone: pre-fusion screens, sub-clone analysis and pilot scale-up. The entire process takes around nine months to complete. Please contact us for further details.

Contract SMA – Core skills

  • Antibody creation
    • Sheep immunisation
    • Creation of high-affinity SMAs
    • Screening and selection of high-affinity sub-clones
    • Working with difficult targets that are present at low concentration such as steroids
  • Production and Assay
    • Large scale production of SMA using flask culture and hollow fibre bioreactors
    • Purification using immunoaffinity chromatography
    • Immunoassay (ELISA), protein electrophoresis and HPLC analysis of purified antibodies