We are a UK biotech company that specialises in creating sheep monoclonal antibodies to power life-changing patient diagnostics.

Sheep Monoclonal Antibody Specialists

We thrive on finding smarter answers to diagnose serious conditions. We have partnered with global in-vitro diagnostic companies for over 20 years, honing our skills in antibody technology to improve diagnostic testing. We also identify and initiate our own, in house opportunities to develop and create antibodies to improve the accessibility, accuracy and affordability of patient diagnosis.

The Power of Sheep Monoclonal Antibodies 

Our high affinity sheep monoclonal antibodies (SMAs) have been used to optimise blood-testing diagnostics where conventional antibodies have failed, helping to diagnose and monitor heart disease, cancer, infertility and other serious conditions around the world.

Bioventix SMAs recognise difficult targets. We have created, developed and manufacture in excess of 20 SMAs which have become preferred reagents in IVD assays due to either increased affinity, greater specificity or improved affinity and specificity compared to other available antibodies, making them ideally suited for the development of biochemical tests that detect disease.

Our SMAs paired with our anti-complex sandwich partners offer exquisite recognition of small molecule targets, allowing for highly sensitive and specific ELISAs and lateral flow assays


We support healthcare organisations by creating new SMAs in around nine months, from the first step of immunisation through to production and finally the purified monoclonal antibodies for evaluation.


We offer a broad portfolio of SMAs for global clinical diagnostics and ELISA Kits to monitor exposure to industrial pollutants.

New Product


We now offer enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits for the detection of industrial pollutants in urine samples. This kit is the first of its kind to test for the biomarker HOP-G in just a few hours.

Our industrial biomonitoring platform aims to enhance employee care by reducing the time between sampling and actionable results from days or weeks to just hours, through point of exposure in-house lateral flow testing.

Peter Harrison

Chief Executive Officer

Latest research

Leading Universities working with our antibodies are changing the world...

Association of Plasma Brain-Derived Tau With Functional Outcome After Ischemic Stroke

8 April 2024

Abstract Objectives To investigate whether circulating acute-phase brain-derived tau (BD-tau) is associated with functional outcome after ischemic stroke. Methods…

Plasma brain-derived tau is an amyloid associated neurodegeneration biomarker in Alzheimer’s disease

4 April 2024

Abstract Staging amyloid-beta (Aβ) pathophysiology according to the intensity of neurodegeneration could identify individuals at risk for cognitive decline…

The Bioventix team

For scientists looking to make an impact in the field of antibody technology and improve lives around the world, our dedicated team in Farnham, Surrey is the ideal supportive community.

Bioventix at a glance

In the year to 30 June 2023 our profits after tax increased by 9% to £8.4m

Demand for SMAs in the Chinese market continues to rise

Our new troponin assays are aiding the assessment of coronary issues

We continue working with one of the world’s leading labs on Alzheimer’s


Research and development is in our DNA, so we are always finding better ways to work, continually reducing our environmental impact and using our antibody technology to improve lives.