Recombinant Antibodies

There are many expression systems available to efficiently produce recombinant antibodies and antibody fragments. At Bioventix, we have found that expression of recombinant antibodies in CHO mammalian cells is a better fit to the production and purification processes used for sheep monoclonal antibodies (SMAs).

Our recombinant antibodies match the performance of the parent sheep antibodies. Antibody production levels are generally higher than that of the parent SMA cell line.

A number of antibody formats can be produced from whole antibodies, FAbs and single-chain Fvs. Our recombinant FAbs are modified to enable simple conjugation to enzymes (HRP, AP) or biotinylation or association as dimeric FAb2. Sheep-human chimeric antibodies can also be made.

Advantages of recombinant FAbs

  • Simple to convert SMAs to FAbs for monovalent binding
  • Retention of high affinity and parent SMA binding
  • Easy to produce and purify – very high purity from single-step purification
  • Improved yield and cost of goods
  • Recombinant FAb is uniform – no additional enzyme processing required, problems with over-digestion or batch variation
  • FAb can be easily modified – simple to crosslink, conjugate or biotinylate
  • Reduced cross-reactivity and thereby improved signal to noise ratio